Tips For Easy Tree Planting

Planting a tree is more than simply digging a hole and placing the tree or sapling in it. If you do not take the right steps when planting, you will run into a number of issues that can be extremely costly. Fortunately, there are a number of tips for planting trees that you need to know about, Facebook page here.

Plant The Tree Like It Is Fully Grown

Before you buy the tree that you want to plant, you need to look at the shade pattern of a fully grown one. When you plant, you will have a small tree that does not have a very large canopy and does not take up a lot of space. However, this will change as the years go by and when the tree grows the branches may cause issues.

Once you know the shade pattern of the fully grown tree, you will know where you should plant the young tree. The tree needs space to grow and will need to be away from any property that it could damage as it does this.

Call The Utility Company

Before you start digging a hole in your garden for the young tree, you need to contact the utility company. There is a nation-wide number that you can call to have your underground utility lines marked for free. This is important because you do not want to cut these lines when you are digging because it could cause serious bodily harm and a large bill from the utility company, here’s a great company you can trust and call at

When you call the nation-wide number, you will be directed to the affected utility company. They will send out a arbor care professional locator to mark out all of the underground lines in your garden. This will generally happen within a few days and you need to always do this before you plant.

Use A Tree Trunk Protector

Tree trunk protectors are something that you need to look at using when you plant trees. These items will protect the bottom of the tree from lawn trimmers and pests. You can easily make your own tree trunk protectors using a flexible plastic drainage pipe. If you need to know more about a professional company find us at

To make your own tree trunk protector you will need to cut a short piece of the pipe. You will then have to split the pipe down the length and wrap it along the bottom of the tree. You need to ensure that the pipe is large enough to allow the trunk to grow.

Dig A Saucer-Shaped Hole

When you dig the hole to plant the young tree, you need to ensure that it is a saucer-shaped hole. The hole will need to be 3 to 5 times wider in diameter than the root-ball of the tree. This will allow the roots to easily penetrate the soft backfill to ensure that the tree is properly anchored.

If you are going to be planting the tree in wet or clay soil, you need to use a garden fork to roughen the bottom of the hole. This will help you avoid any glazing at the bottom and sides of the hole which will make it harder for water to pass through it. This could block the roots from penetrating further into the soil.

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