How to live together; children and older parents under one roof

Getting old is not easy, and especially for people who don’t have children or family to be with them in the moments when they need them most. On the other side, it is maybe even harder if you are getting old and your children are not interested in letting you live with them under one roof. In those cases, older people usually go and live in nursing homes, often being forgotten from their children, who visit them from time to time or never. However, living in homes for elderly people does not necessarily need to be a bad thing. People with similar interests get to meet there, share their experiences, play games like chess and organize their days according to their needs. Whichever way of living one may think of, there are immediately pros and cons. So, this article will focus on living with children when people are getting old, exploring both good and bad sides.

To start with good sides, there are plenty and this cannot be neglected. The most obvious aspect is economic, and it is much cheaper and easier to live when there are two families or two generations with monthly incomes under one roof. If children work, older parents will receive their pensions and, in that case, it is much easier to take care of the household. Another thing is the feeling that children are doing good deeds and can finally make up for everything their parents had done for them. This is in most cases the first motivation when families decide to live this way. Additionally, grandparents can take care of their grandchildren and this can be an excellent way for parents to save money they would give to nannies or kindergartens. This definitely depends on their states, whether they are in good health, but if they are, this is an amazing thing! Who else would take care of children better than their grandparents? I bet no one. And for grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren, showing them how important they are in their lives is of a huge importance. Also, it is much better to come home after a long day at work and find out that there is a home-made soup to warm your soul. Or, to see that your home is clean and fresh and that you don’t have to worry about that.

Nevertheless, there is always the other side of the coin, and if children decide to live with their parents who are getting old, they need to be ready for some unpleasant things. The first thing you need to give up if you live with your older parents is your own privacy. If you are married, living with a girlfriend or boyfriend or if you simply want to have your friends over, that will not be always as you imagine. For parents, this can also be very unpleasant, because they will feel like they are taking away your life from you. On the other side, parents who live with their children tend to forget that those children are now grown up people who have their own lives, families and jobs. Treating them like they are still kids may be a little bit annoying and can bring to certain fights. Try to avoid that and respect their time, privacy and decisions. Remember, you gave them upbringing
when they needed it, now it is time to think about yourself, contact a home health care agency and try to live separate lives, although you live together.

Getting old does not mean that your life came to an end and that you need to sit home like there is nothing to do outside. If you live with your children, use the benefits of that security in your older age, but don’t forget that you can still go out, make friends and have fun. For children, this can also be a sort of a blessing since they get to cherish some of the most important moments with their parents. There are always some bad sides and always will be, but focusing on them will just deprive you of energy to see the good things; and there are plenty of them! Enjoy every moment in your life. Remember, every day with your parents and children is a blessing before they are gone.

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