Home lending: No longer an insecure Bubble

In 2008, the lenders, banks, hedge funds of the day, collapsed. Because of the Housing industry. But in 2017, the housing industry is at an all time high and there is no longer a public insecurity that the market will crash. In the city I am from, Arlington, it is a real sellers market. A three bedroom two bathroom house in the suburbs of DFW is going for nearly two hundred thousand dollars. Thats ridiculous is not it? There is no way in 2008 when the market crashed that people would of believed that in 2017, houses that sold for 50 thousand would sell for 200 thousand. That is just absolutely unheard of and there is probably nothing that makes real estate investors more happy that seeing their market shoot through the roof.
In fact, in many areas where buying homes was a terrible idea in 2008, homes are increasing in value, take detroit for instance, you could buy a home for a couple hundred bucks, and now they are going for thousands and thousands because of Ford bringing jobs back. It really is incredible to see how a market can bounce back and it encourages me to work hard in my own lane to achieve possibly similar results.
Now lets talk about specific areas. Like dallas.
Dallas is one of the more incredible diverse markets for buying homes, because just miles away, you have drastically different neighborhoods that warrant much different prices on homes. Highland park for example, homes in Highland park are going for astronomical rates where as if you go just a few miles south to lancaster, homes are much more run down but astronomically cheaper.
Cornerstone Home lending has proved, in my opinion to be an outstanding dallas mortgage company. They offer customer service and help better than any of their competitors and make it easy for the consumer to find a good loan for the house of their dreams. This is very important in this market because many people nowadays do not have the money to purchase a home when prices are so high. So they sign their life away to the bank, but it is up to companies like Cornerstone to help people make those big decisions as well informed as they can.
How to know if you are in a position to buy a home:
If you are graduated from college and still have astronomical student loans, and you aren’t married, I would not suggest purchasing a home. Work off your student loans first so that when you land the job of your dreams, you won’t have to worry about a plethora of payments at the same time.
If you do have a wife but do not have money. I would still suggest not buying. Rent a cheap apartment and try to get 10-20 thousand dollars in saving so that you can go down on a home.
The biggest key to know when you are ready to buy a home is knowing when you are financially secure. If you feel secure, free and not tied down by anything big, that is a good indicator that you are ready to buy a home.
Otherwise, you may need to excersise some self control.

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